Scandal in the nest! New male bird at nest of eagles Liberty and Justice as year's first egg arrives

For about 15 years, eagles Liberty and Justice have raised their eaglets in an oak tree outside the Metropolitan Police Academy in Southwest, D.C.

But for the last five days, there has been no sign of the male bird, Justice. Even more strange, as Liberty remains at the nest with her newly laid egg, a new male bird, named Arron Bird, has been sighted. Oh, the drama -- and during the week of Valentine's Day!

So what is going on? Tommy Lawrence, the managing director at the Earth Conservation Corps., says they have hope Justice will return. He says they have seen instances in the past where male birds have left the nest for as long as two weeks and then have come back. He said eagles mate for life and noted that it would be odd if Justice did not return and fight for his territory.

He said Justice is most likely responsible for the new egg and says if he doesn't return he doubts the new male will help care for it.

Maybe all love is not lost just yet. Lawrence said Liberty spent the night protecting her nest and her new egg by chasing Arron Bird away! And if Justice does return? Expect a territorial fight for the nest, he said.

Will Justice return? Will Arron Bird take over the nest? Who owns Liberty's heart? Stay with FOX 5 for the latest eagle drama updates!