ROYAL FAMILY: Entire Va. family earns homecoming crown from same high school

There is royalty in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Have you heard?

The Boxley family has not only all attended James Monroe High School, but they have all now earned royal titles too.

The crowning achievement dates back to 1984 when Gary Sr. and Katrina were named homecoming prince and princess their junior year at the school.

The next year, as seniors, the high school sweethearts were crowned homecoming king and queen.

"When we came through, it wasn't a big deal," Boxley Sr. explained.

But then he and his wife had two boys who also attended the school, and in 2007, oldest son Linwood was elected homecoming king of his class.

"I really didn't think about it at the time," the now-26-year-old said. "It was a surprise. I was shocked."

But when Gary Jr. entered his senior year this year, the family started kidding the football star that it was his time to secure a clean sweep of the regal title.

"The pressure was on," his father said. "We would have ribbed him forever and a day."

"That would have gone for years," his brother agreed laughing.

Gary Jr. didn't let the family down. He too was just crowned homecoming king at the school too.

"I didn't think it would be myself," the senior student said. "I was shocked."

"It's how we treat people," his mother Katrina Boxley said. "I think that has a lot to do with it. It means a lot. It's telling me we are doing something right."

Nobody outside the family was aware of the royal lineage until after Gary Jr. won this year's title on his parents' 22nd wedding anniversary.

And while it's certainly entertaining and fun to joke about - people who know the Boxleys said this is serious recognition for one amazing family.

"I think it speaks to their core," said James Monroe High School principal Dr. Taneshia Rachal. "It's genuine. It's just in them to be good people."

There are only four members of the immediate Boxley family connected to this school, but the royal lineage extends beyond them. A nephew was crowned homecoming king at his high school two years ago and there are several nieces and nephews who are now teenagers that will soon have a chance at a crown themselves.