Robber's violent assaults caught on tape

Police in New York have arrested a man wanted in connection with at least two violent and vicious attacks on his victims.

The NYPD says that 61-year-old Rickey Hayes of Newark, New Jersey was arrested on several charges on Monday.

Police believe he is the man that on Sunday at 12:45 p.m., went into a liquor store on Ludlow Street in Manhattan and threatened an employee with a liquor bottle if he didn't hand over money from the cash register.

The victim refused and the assailant threw liquor bottles at him. The worker then ran out of the store. That's when the robber took $200 in cash from the register.

About 90 minutes later, the man punched and kicked two employees-- 66 years old and 88 years old-- inside a clothing store at LaGuardia Place. The man attempted to take money from the register before he ran away.

Both victims suffered cuts to their heads and were treated at Bellevue Hospital.

Police say that Hayes faces 3 robbery, 2 attempted robbery, 2 assault, 1 attempted assault and 2 criminal mischief charges. It was immediately unclear if he had a lawyer.