Report sheds light on dirt bike rider's deadly crash with police vehicle, but raises more questions

A new report shared by the attorney for the family of a man killed in a controversial crash involving a D.C. police officer sheds more light on the incident.

For the first time, the report identifies the officer who was driving the police SUV that collided with 22-year-old Jeffrey Price as Michael Pearson. The officer joined the Metropolitan Police Department in 2015.

The report says Pearson and other officers were in the area when shots rang out nearby. According to the report, Price matched the description of the suspected shooter, so officers were looking for him when he sped down Division Avenue. The narrative also says two officers were behind Price, who they believe was driving nearly 70 miles per hour.

The crash report says Pearson pulled out into the intersection in order to look for Price, and then Price was headed for his SUV in the wrong lanes. To avoid a collision, Pearson pulled further into the road, but Price hit his passenger side anyway.

That story is contradicted by several witnesses and Price's family, who allege that Pearson pulled out in front of Price to block him, which is against D.C. police policy.

"If you cross into somebody's lane of travel and you barricade the street, it is very obvious that you were negligent," said David Shurtz, the Price family's attorney. "In this case, though it wasn't negligent, it was an intentional act and this officer should be arrested for killing my client."

"They are operating a ruthless game. They are not operating like an organization that's sworn to protect and serve," said Price's uncle Jay Brown.

D.C. police did not respond to FOX 5's questions about whether or not their internal investigation has revealed if Price was being chased against policy, whether or not Pearson blocked Price or if any officers involved have received discipline. Police also decline to make Chief Peter Newsham available for an interview.

A D.C. police spokeswoman did send a short statement saying, "We are unable to accommodate this request. The investigation continues into this."

Activists gathered Friday night to rally for justice for Price and pointed out other incidents they are concerned about where people have been killed by D.C. police.

The Price family says they are moving forward with their intentions to sue D.C. police over Price's death.