Project GLOW Festival: Here's why DC residents near and far could hear music from RFK stadium

Why did so many D.C. residents from Capitol Hill to Shaw hear the sound of EDM music festival Project GLOW at RFK stadium over the weekend? An inversion, according to FOX 5 meteorologist Matthew Cappucci.

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The two-day festival featured music from various EDM artists on April 30 and May 1, and based on social media posts, the sounds could be heard, and felt, by residents near and far from RFK.

So, what's the reason for the sound carrying so far?

"An inversion is an increase in air temperature with height meaning the surface is usually a little bit cooler, above you have a layer of warm air, so warm air is being pumped into the region right now and that allows a ceiling for any sound to bounce up and off of and kind of ricochet between the cloud or rather that inversion and the ground," Cappucci explains.

He showed a visual representation of this phenomenon on FOX 5 Morning on Monday.


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