Prince William County to address community flooding concerns in Dumfries

A solution could be in sight for several Dumfries residents impacted by massive reoccurring flooding. It's a positive follow up on a story FOX 5 has led the way on.

Every time it rains, residents in the culdesac say they’re nervous.

Here’s why — flooding, massive flooding caused by an eroded pipe on the neighboring Montclair Country Club golf course.

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Prince William County is now stepping in after years to address the issue by moving forward to form a grant that could cover up to $200,000 dollars to replace the pipe.

Bob Harris is one of seven homeowners in this culdesac where backyards become rivers after rainfall. He says he’s cautiously optimistic.

Paula Lewis shared home video with FOX 5 showing the flooding which FOX 5’s Tisha Lewis reports has intensified over the last two years as a pipe on Montclair Country Club’s golf course began to deteriorate.

Residents say the erosion is leading to drainage problems prompting catastrophic flooding. In one case, a resident’s home was deemed uninhabitable.

FOX 5's Tisha Lewis first reported about the issue two years ago.

Now, Prince William County supervisor Andrea Bailey is spearheading the effort to resolve the issue.

The county recently authorized a public hearing to create a new stormwater management grant fund which would budget and appropriate $200,000 to replace the pipe.

A draft ordinance will be developed and then a public hearing will take place in February. The ordinance must then be adopted by the board after the hearing.  

Once the board approves an ordinance to create this fund, the owner of Montclair Country Club can apply for a grant for the replacement of the pipe on its property.  

Supervisor Bailey says if all goes according to plan the pipe replacement would be complete by April.