Prince George's County State's Attorney Braveboy responds to criticism

State's Attorney Aisha Braveboy says she will not engage in pointing fingers regarding the accountability of juveniles in Prince George's County.

"I believe what you saw on Monday was pure politics," Braveboy said. 

Braveboy is referring to Monday's press conference held by County Executive Angela Alsobrooks where she discussed the uptick in juvenile crime and enforcing a youth curfew.

"It's clear the problem is what happens after the arrests, or in our case, what doesn't happen," Alsobrooks said during the press conference that FOX 5 attended.

Attorney Braveboy, who was not invited to the press conference, says her office holds offenders accountable.

"Our record is clear: We have an over 90% finding of involved in our carjacking cases," Braveboy said. "We have an over 90% of involved in our gun cases. We do our job to prosecute and to hold young people accountable for their actions."

Braveboy tells FOX 5 that the final decision is not up to her.

"Oftentimes, especially when it comes to violent offenses, our recommendations differ from what the judge ultimately decides," she explains. "I'm not being critical of the judge's decision 'cause again the judge is an independent arbiter."

Earlier this week, Alsobrooks called for transparency within the government.

"We would like the prosecutor's office to release its pending cases and dispositions," she demanded.

FOX 5 asked Braveboy if she would provide those numbers, but she says the information is already out there.

"I'm not exactly sure what she's asking for but what I can tell you is that we have our disposition numbers," she said. "That's how we know what our conviction rate is. That information is always available."

Braveboy says the finger-pointing is a distraction, and she will not politicize tragedies taking place in the community.

"Monday was theater, today, and yesterday and every day ahead of us are real days of real work," she adds.

FOX 5 asked Braveboy about her relationship with the police chief and the department. She says she communicates with Prince George's County Police Department several times during the week and sometimes every day.

FOX 5 also reached out to Alsobrooks, and we are waiting to hear back.