Police: Tempe couple finds burglary suspect inside home holding 2-year-old daughter

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Police say a husband and wife woke up to sounds of their 2-year-old daughter whimpering and found her in the arms of a burglary suspect inside their Tempe apartment.

The Tempe Police Department says 34-year-old Oren Cohen was arrested after residents discovered him inside their apartment near Priest Drive and Warner Road at 2:30 a.m.

Investigators say a woman woke up after hearing her daughter whimpering and noticed her bedroom door was closed, which was not normal. She woke up her husband to check on their daughter.

When her husband went into the living room, he found the suspect holding his 2-year-old daughter. The husband began fighting with the suspect and his wife called 911.

Cohen was booked on burglary and aggravated assault charges. On Thursday, Tempe Police announced that Cohen is also charged with kidnapping.