Police investigating self-defense claim after man fatally stabbed by Metro employee inside station

New details are being revealed about the man who was fatally stabbed by a Metro employee after police said he broke into a manager's booth at the Friendship Heights station.

For the people who worked with 28-year-old Jeremy Bond, the incident comes as a shock as they said he was a reliable, dependable and polite employee.

D.C. police said a physical altercation broke out early Tuesday morning between Bond and the female Metro manager on duty. Investigators said fearing for her safety, the Metro worker stabbed Bond with a small pocket knife after he somehow got into the manager's booth. He was taken to the hospital in grave condition, but later died.

According to police, the Metro employee was inside the booth at the Western Avenue entrance on the Maryland side of the Friendship Heights station when Bond began pounding on the glass and was eventually able to get into the booth. Investigators said it was to complain about delayed service.

Police are still reviewing surveillance footage from around the station as they continue to investigate whether the Metro employee acted in self-defense.

FOX 5 reached out to Metro's union, but they did not comment about the incident, where the pocket knife came from and if Metro employees are allowed to have them while on duty.

Bond's employer at Maven Engineering in Rockville said he worked there as a warehouse assistant for the last year. They said he was a good employee and never had any issues with him.

Records show Bond did not have any major arrests.

Police said the Metro employee is cooperating with the investigation.

She has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.