Phoenix couple finds two-way mirror in their home in viral TikTok

Imagine living in a new home for a year and discovering a wall mirror actually being a double-sided mirror with a camera. That's exactly what happened to a Phoenix couple and they shared how they found it in a now viral TikTok video.

It all started when a friend pulled aside Annabell  Mickelson and said, "I'm going to tell you, I think this means two-way."

It was something Mickelson and her boyfriend did not expect to find in their new North Phoenix home nearly a year after they moved in. After much curiosity, they decided to get into the wall when they noticed the mirror was not easily removable.

"We pulled the last piece, you can hear me in the video, I go, 'What the,' and there's a four-door like bar or something was there at one point. A sink setup and I was kind of just like, that was not what I was expecting. I was expecting like, a flat wall, like nothing else," Mickelson said.

The couple says there are eight to ten cameras in the home, which they knew about, but none of them were connected after running tests.

While Mickelson doesn't know what this area was, she says, "For a camera system to be behind a bathroom mirror tells me one story."

Adding, "But it just comes down to, I feel like being a woman, it's hard. There's people out there that are just like that. So I feel like being a girl, you have to take that extra precaution."

The newly discovered area is being transformed into a pantry.