Phoenix airport debuts Mamava 'nursing suites'

Mamava "nursing suites" at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.

If you've traveled with an infant, you know it can be challenging at times -- passing in and out of security to nurse in a private space.

Terminal 4 has two nursing rooms, one before security and the other behind the security checkpoint. Now, eliminating that challenge, Sky Harbor Airport has rolled out its new mobile nursing pods, also called "Mamava Suites" in Terminal 4.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego says the private pods give a more convenient alternative for nursing moms on-the-go.

"Airports are busy places and for baby's first trip, it can be a really stressful time," she said. "We're saying to moms, 'we want to make sure you are comfortable and safe and have a quiet place to feed your baby.'"

A portable suite with a door that locks, the Mamava nursing suites feature comfortable benches, a fold-down table and even electrical outlets for plugging in a breast pump.

mamava nursing suite inside phoenix airport