Philadelphia Eagles fans explode with excitement as they eagerly anticipate Super Bowl LVII

Just hours to go before game time and Birds fans are exploding with excitement.

"It’s anticipation. You just can’t wait," said Valerie Burns.

"It’s so much fun. We’ve got so much green out here. I just got in last night and it’s non-stop," Miguel Gama said. "47 years of my life. Today is my birthday!"

The Gama Family, or known as Birdgang, drove 14 hours from Fresno, California. They never lived in Philly or even know anyone there. So, how did they become Eagles fans?

"We had a black and white tv. My dad is a farmer. He came from Mexico. We had this small tv with one channel. We happened to see Randall Cunningham playing the New York Giants. I saw him running around scrambling for his life and I fell in love," Gama explained.

"Electric. We knew Day one we were going to be here," Britany Hunt, of Las Vegas, said. "We made our way to the finish line and can’t wait to see it all the way through."

So, with a week’s worth of parties now winding down and the reason everyone has converged on Phoenix – Super Bowl LVII just hours away.

"Final game of the season crowns the champion. And, it’s hard to get to the Super Bowl and, obviously, there hasn’t been too many teams that have repeated," Aaron Johnson, said. "So, for the Eagles to win two in five years – I think that starts a dynasty."