Petworth residents concerned about recent widespread gunfire spraying their neighborhood

City officials in the District continue to speak out about the decrease in violence across the city. But if you talk to residents in the Petworth neighborhood, they will tell you a different story. These residents say gunfire has wrecked their neighborhood and peace of mind.

There have been a string of five shootings in a three-day span. The most recent incident happened at around 8 p.m. Tuesday in the residential area of Shepherd Street. Gunfire pierced a car as well as the windows of a van, nearly hitting a child car seat inside. A total of nine shell casings were found.

"To know that bullets are flying around like this, that's really frightening," said one resident.

This is the latest in a barrage of gunfire that has sprayed this neighborhood since early Sunday morning.

On Sunday, D.C.'s gunfire detection system picked up 17 shots on Crittenden Street.

"It sounded like they emptied a clip and reloaded it," said Thomas Carter.

One of those bullets hit the living room of Elton Cook's home. Another one barely missed his 3-year-old great-grandson's bed.

In addition to the gunfire on Crittenden and Shepherd Streets, there have also been shootings on 9th Street, 14th Street and Kennedy Street in Petworth. Windows, homes and vehicles have been hit, but thankfully no one has been wounded or injured.

To round out the violence in the neighborhood, four of the five most recent homicides in the city have happened in Petworth.

"I think people are used to it," said Carter. "It doesn't make it right or good. I'm about to be 27 on Sunday and I'm looking to start a family. I don't want to raise my kid where I am afraid for them to go outside and end up getting shot playing in the front yard."