Patient claims identity stolen after confidential files compromised at DC social services agency

After a security breach occurred at a Southeast D.C. contractor for the District's Department of Behavioral Health, a patient is claiming his identity has been stolen.

His accusation comes a week after FOX 5 reported that a case worker at Inner City Family Services is alleged of hiring a complete stranger to do some of her work and emailing confidential files that contained personal information to her.

"I got my uncle to pull up on a computer on anything in my name and he says there is a car and tickets in my name," said Gregory Miller. "I have never had a license in my life, never owned a car - nothing - and then a cable bill is in my name."

He said all of this has surfaced in the last week. Miller's file was one of a dozen case files Inner City Family Services support worker LaTonya Vaughter emailed to a college student who responded to a job ad posted on Facebook. The files included patients' social security numbers, date of birth and medical diagnosis.

Vaughter was fired last week.

Miller said he called Tanisha Sanders, the director for Inner City Family Services, and asked her what was going on.

"I asked her if my information had been sent out and she said, 'No,'" he recalled. "Four days later, I called and asked her and she was like, 'Yeah, your information has been breached.'"

Last week, we tried to get answers from Sanders, but ran into the same roadblocks Miller is facing. She told FOX 5, "Call the lawyer and have a conversation with him. Please do not come into the clinic again."

"I want to get a lawyer on this case because I think my identity is out there and anybody could have anything in my name," said Miller.

When FOX 5 asked D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Wednesday night if the city should continue its relationship with Inner City Family Services, Bowser responded, "I think that the department has worked with our contractor, the problem is limited and the personnel issue has been addressed."

Miller said he has not received any information from Inner City Family Services or received an identity theft protection service in light of the information breach.

The Department of Behavioral Health said in a statement:

"According to federal and district law, Inner City Family Services, like any health provider, is responsible for safeguarding protected health information and mitigating the impact of any unauthorized disclosure. The Department of Behavioral Health requires certified providers to get background check on its employees. The department continues to review this incident to make sure the provider complies with all legal requirements as well as our certification requirements."

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