Parents want answers after D.A. refuses charges in fight that injured son

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Some Spring parents are demanding answers after they say the Harris County District Attorney's Office refused to file charges against a group of students responsible for attacking their son.

14-year-old Edward Sanchez was left with a broken jaw, braces, stitches, and on a liquids only diet. That's after his parents say he was attacked by three students after leaving Bailey Middle School on April 27th.

The 8th grader was hospitalized after the violent encounter was caught on tape. In the video you'll see a student in red shorts and two others walk up and attack Sanchez who's wearing the dark shorts.

Edward's parents say charges were initially not filed because the assistant District Attorney on duty called the attack mutual combat.

Since we began asking questions, the D.A.'s office says no official decision has been made on possible charges. Jeff McShan says the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's office is still investigating the case. He says investigators will collect more statements and medical records.