‘That's an angel': Woman alerts family of 11 about burning house

A woman, caught on video warning a family about their burning home, is being hailed as an angel.  

It happened in Fairfield, Ohio around 1 a.m. on July 5. 

Doorbell video shows the woman, later identified as Haily Strong, running up to the house after spotting the fire from a mile away.

She knocks on the door and shouts, "Your garage is on fire!" and continues to knock and ring the doorbell.

The homeowner eventually comes out; she apologizes and tells him his garage is on fire as he runs towards the flames.

The man, Josh Ellis, told WLWT-TV that 11 people were in the home at the time, two adults and nine children. 

All made it out safely.

"That’s an angel," said Ellis. "She saved our family, no exaggeration about that. She stayed and she saved our family. I mean, the house was ablaze."