Oakland students #TakeAKnee at A's game to protest police brutality, the president

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Students from Oakland Unified School District's honor band took a knee at the A's game Monday night as they played the national anthem to protest "racism, police brutality and the president."

The teens were joined by Oakland A's catcher, Bruce Maxwell, who is half white and half African-American.

Maxwell was the first MLB player to take a knee this weekend following President Trump's claim last week that NFL players should be fired for not standing during the national anthem.

This civil protest all began last year when former 49er Colin Kaepernick first decided to kneel during the national anthem to show upset he was that people of color in this country are treated unfairly. Throughout the year, some athletes have chosen to follow in his footsteps, but he has also drawn fierce criticism and has not been signed to any team this football season.

The #TakeAKnee movement has taken off, however, with hundreds of athletes, team owners,regular citizens and a Congresswoman refusing to stand during the national anthem after Trump said any NFL player who doesn't stand during the anthem should be fired. Other students across the country have been taking a knee too, from North Carolina to Colorado.

Parents on the OUSD Facebook page were mostly supportive. "Our kids took the knee last year, too!" wrote Alicia von Kugelgen. "So proud of them."

"Thank you, awesome students," Carol Arbour said.

Others, however, didn't like it. "Disgraceful," wrote Yehuda Joffe. "Not (sic) matter what your opinion is about trump (sic) and what's going on! This is just low and childish!"

The A's lost to the Seattle Mariners, 1-7.