No camping regulation to be enforced once again at Columbus Circle, NPS says

The National Park Service has announced they will be enforcing their no-camping regulation at Columbus Circle which was suspended during the pandemic.

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NPS says on Wednesday, June 1 around 7 a.m., they will renew enforcement of their no-camping regulation, meaning those who have tents set up on the grassy area within Columbus Circle next to Union Station will be forced to clear out, including many who are experiencing homelessness.

Union Station, Washington, D.C.. (Photo by: Robert Knopes/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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NPS says during the pandemic, they temporarily suspended enforcement of their no-camping regulation. They say they have now determined that enforcement of the no-camping regulation at Columbus Circle is needed to address public health and safety issues and unsanitary conditions.

The information was posted around Columbus Circle and Union Station. 



Renewed enforcement of the no-camping regulation will also allow for the rehabilitation of the turf, cleaning and maintenance of the park area and mitigation of rodent infestation, NPS says. Violation is prohibited.