New video of ATV rider raises questions on how police should stop illegal ATVs, bikes

New video of an ATV rider in D.C. is raising questions about how police should stop illegal dirt bikes and ATVs.

Riders alleged an officer pulled up next to the ATV and pepper-sprayed the driver.

Police have confirmed serval of the bikers have been arrests since the incident. The officers who were seen in video pepper spraying the riders remain on duty.

In the video, a 6th district cruiser is seen following closely behind the bikes -so close they just narrowly avoid a wreck. Riders allege one officer stuck his arm out the window and sprayed the biker with mace. An allegation D.C. police contend is unclear based on the image.

It is against D.C. police general orders to chase illegal bike riders, and D.C. police says they're aware of this most recent situation. They say it appears these officers were following the riders, but are still reviewing the incident.

On Sunday afternoon, nearly 100 illegal bikes were spotted coming in from Prince George's county and riding through the streets of northeast D.C.