Montgomery County educators pass lack of confidence resolution over school reopening plan

The Montgomery County Education Association has overwhelmingly passed a resolution stating a lack of confidence in the reopening plan developed and approved by the Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education.

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"The current MCPS plan to reopen school facilities cannot be successfully implemented - requiring more resources, more people, and more space than is available - without negatively impacting students’ learning experience," the MCEA said in a press release. "MCEA members demand that MCPS adhere to CDC guidelines regarding the physical reopening of school buildings, implement a contact tracing and testing program, and provide all employees the opportunity to be fully vaccinated before a return to in-person instruction."

MCEA is also demanding the school system develop a building reopening plan for the "adequate staffing of all instructional models, particularly those that directly serve Black and Brown students, and students impacted by poverty, without diminishing access to staff and services that supplement required direct instruction."

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MCEA has requested a meeting with the Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education to discuss the MCPS reopening plan.