Montgomery County 8-year-old boy says man with gun tried to abduct him as he walked from bus stop

Police in Montgomery County are investigating after an 8-year-old boy says a man armed with a gun grabbed him and tried to get him into his car. It happened as the boy was walking home from his school bus stop in Silver Spring.

The boy got off the bus on Lyttonsville Road near Grubb Road, a few blocks from East West Highway Friday around 4 p.m.

He tells police the man who got out of his car and grabbed his shirt was a stranger.

His mother, Gabriella didn't want to use her last name to protect her family's privacy, but felt the need to share what happened.

"A silver car is what he remembers and the man - he said, 'Get in the car,'" said Gabriella. "And (my son) was surprised and taken aback. He was kind of looking at him like - do I know this guy?"

She says the man grabbed at her son and then revealed he had a weapon.

"With all that's happening - lifts up his shirt to show my son a gun on his hip, and he, at that point, knew I don't need to be here right now, and hauled his little butt home," Gabriella said.

She says her son's grandmother saw him running toward the house.

"She just could see the fear in his eyes," she said.

Gabriella described how she felt when she learned what happened.

"Is my son okay? Thanking that nothing else happened to him, that the worst didn't happen," she said. "Scared. But most of all, just thankful and just proud of him for his bravery."

Montgomery County police put out an alert about the incident, calling what happened a "suspicious situation." Investigators say they have not found any witnesses yet.

Over the weekend, Gabriella posted details on the Nextdoor app to warn neighbors.

"I wanted my community to be aware of this predator out there," she said.

Her son says the suspect is about 40 years old with tan skin and short dark hair. He was wearing black jeans, a gray jacket and was in a gray or silver sedan.

Montgomery County police say they have increased patrols in the area and are asking anyone with information to contact their investigators at 240-773-5400.