Mom makes 'hug time' device so her kids can give Nana a hug

A mom in Illinois came up with a way for her kids to hug their Nana while doing their best to keep her safe.

Carly Marinaro created a "hug time" device which would allow her children to wrap their arms around their Nana. She says she came up with the idea after seeing a similar video online where people wore plastic bags.

"Nana has been longing to hug her babies," Marinaro said.

She used PVC pipe, clear plastic, livestock disposable gloves and a whole lot of love to make it, and set it up in their front yard.

Her children excitedly watched as their Nana pulled up in her car, and got in line to hug her through the device.

"Oh I love you!" Nana exclaimed as the kids each ran up to her. "Come on, I got seconds!"

The kids and their Nana smiled ear to ear as they gave each other hugs.

"This is something else," Nana could be heard saying in the video. "I'm so happy."

Marinaro shared instructions for how she made the device on her Facebook page.