Middle schoolers started a 'fight club' in Loudoun County – and some parents are hosting, says principal

Students at Lunsford Middle School in Loudoun County have created elaborate "fight clubs," with brackets, betting and challenges – and some parents are helping host them, according to a statement from the principal. 

In a letter sent home to parents, Principal Carrie Simms warned about these fights taking place in the school's hallways and bathrooms – and even in some of the students' homes with the parents aware. 

"Many parents are well aware of their child's participation in them, some hosting in their garages or basements," said Simms in the letter.  "When your children create TikToks and Instagram pages using Lunsford's name, and then attempt to hold these fights in our hallways and bathrooms, we will take action."

Simms said the school held a "reset" last Friday, with students coming in and reporting directly to advisory and not granted the usual 20 minutes of free time in the morning to socialize.

"Unfortunately, some students created a very unsafe situation for all and we needed to be able to start our education for the day in a calm manner," said Simms.

Violent behavior, fighting, and its promotion on social media have no place in our school community," said LCPS representative Dan Adams to FOX 5. "We take matters that involve the safety of our students and staff, both physical and emotional, seriously and will continue to enhance our efforts in cultivating a culture of kindness, inclusivity, and affirmation for every member of our student body and staff."

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office told FOX 5 they are not involved at this time.