Maryland State Troopers issue 13 citations for speeding 80 to 110+ mph in single day

Maryland State Troopers announced enhanced patrols on the Capital Beltway again this weekend due to persisting issues with speeders as the stay-at-home orders continue in Maryland

The stay-at-home directive, due to COVID19 pandemic, has produced less crowed multi-lane highways along I-495 or the Capital Beltway, that state police believe drivers may be taking advantage of to drive more aggressively. 

On Sunday, Greg Shipley with Maryland State Police confirmed on Saturday, Troopers from the Forestville Barrack in Prince George’s County, issued 13 different citations to drivers going between 80 to 110+ mph on the Capital Beltway. 

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The breakdown includes:

- Seven citations for 80-89 mph
- Three citations for 90-99 mph
- Two citations for 100-109 mph
- One citation for 110+ mph

The driver caught going over 110 mph was also charged with DUI, per Shipley. 

State Police are having particular issues with speeders along the straighter portions of the Capital Beltway, which are more located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

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The Montgomery County side of I-495 has also seen its issues. This past week, MSP reported two serious tractor-trailer crashes within 12-hours of one another on this portion of the Capital Beltway. 

The first incident occurred Thursday just after 5:30 p.m., on the outer loop near Bradley Blvd. Troopers say the driver of the 18-wheeler was said to be speeding in slick conditions, hit a concrete barrier and jackknifed, spilling the trailer’s contents to spill onto two lanes of the southbound I-270 spur, located below. 

A second major crash tractor trailer crash was reported at around 3:20 a.m. Friday on the outer loop of I-495, east of the southbound I-270 merge. In this incident one tractor trailer lost control and jackknifed, striking another tractor trailer and driver before it struck a way and caught fire. Maryland State Police say speed was also a factor. 

State police increased beltway patrols again on Monday, April 20th and are using both unmarked vehicles and visible patrols to address speeding issues in the area.