Maryland officials want you to know that you cannot be charged for the COVID-19 vaccine

As COVID-19 vaccines become more readily available, Maryland officials want to make sure everyone knows – those shots shouldn’t cost you a dime.

"There have been increased reports of fraud connected to COVID-19 vaccines," Governor Larry Hogan said at a press conference Tuesday. "I want to make this very clear. No one can sell you a vaccine, no one can charge you for a vaccine."

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And the Governor isn’t the only one pushing that message. Tuesday the Maryland Insurance Administration tweeted a similar sentiment, adding that providers can seek reimbursement from insurance companies, but there are no co-pays or cost-sharing.

Here’s why: A spokesperson said that while they haven’t had many complaints about this so far, as the vaccine becomes more readily available, they do expect the issue to rise.

So as a result, they’re spreading the word, explaining that if you are asked for money, first, say no.

"And then," Commissioner Kathleen A. Birrane told FOX 5, "they should contact us with the information about who made that request so that we can make sure that, A, they’re not a scammer and that if there is a misunderstanding, that we correct that misunderstanding. And if it’s something worse than that, that we shut it down."

"It is okay to give your insurance information," the commissioner continued. "It is ok for the provider to bill the insurance company. What they can’t do, is no one can pass any part of those costs along to you. You will not have to pay for the vaccine. You will not have to pay for the vaccine administration."

If you are asked to pay for the vaccine, you can contact the Maryland Insurance Administration at 800-492-6116.