Maryland man known as "PianoDadDan" goes viral on TikTok

A Maryland man is going viral on TikTok, and it's all thanks to his daughter who decided to showcase her dad's musical abilities on the keyboard.

Dan Binstock, also known as "PianoDadDan" claims to be able to play any song on the piano after listening to it once.

His talent has earned him more than 400 thousand followers and 30 million views in less than a month on TikTok.

The Potomac, Maryland native has been playing piano since he was five. He says he never learned to read music.

"When I hear music I see colors in my mind, so when I’m playing piano I’m just actually following the color patterns in my mind that arise from the sounds," Binstock explained.


Now, Binstock is sharing his talents with millions. "It wasn’t even my idea, he came to me one day and was like I want to start a TikTok, and I was like you’re 48," said Binstock’s daughter Alexa.

His daughter chooses songs that the average dad probably hasn’t heard before. And remarkably, Binstock picks it up in just seconds!

Dan and Alexa were both amazed at how quickly his following grew on the social media app." It’s very funny it almost doesn’t seem real when I look at the numbers," said Dan.

Sharing his talent with the world has had another positive side effect.

"It’s just been a really cool experience, and it’s also brought me and my dad a lot closer," said Alexa.

As for what’s next for Mr. Binstock, he says he’s been getting requests from musical artists and others in the industry are taking an interest in him.

He’s also toying around with the idea of releasing an album on Spotify, but he says, for now, he’s enjoying the ride!