Man uses Katana sword to fend off teenage burglars

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A man used a Katana sword to fend off two teens who were burglarizing his home over the weekend.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office says early Saturday morning, a man came home and discovered two teens were inside his home. The homeowner armed himself with a Katana sword to scare off the teens.

"I set him down on the couch and asked if he had any weapons, he said I have a pocket knife, so I pulled this off the wall and took it out of the sheath and put it on my shoulder, and said we're going to call 9-1-1," said Dan the homeowner.

One of the teens, a 16-year-old, ran from the home, but a 15-year-old teenager was arrested after the homeowner held him at bay with the sword.

The 16-year-old teen's father turned in his son to deputies shortly after.

After being taken into custody, the teen admitted to running away from the home with a backpack full of stolen items from the home. Both teens said they entered the house through an unlocked window in the backyard.