Man suspected of sexually assaulting woman on Blue Line train near Stadium-Armory, police say

D.C. Metro Transit police say they are looking to identify a person of interest suspected of sexually assaulting a woman on a Largo-bound Blue Line train on Friday evening.

Police say at around 5:18 p.m. a woman was on a Largo-bound Blue Line train in the area of Stadium-Armory and was seated next to a man carrying a large coat on his lap.

The victim said the suspect's coat was also partially draped over her lap as well but she didn't think anything of it because the coat was very large.

However, as the train was approached Stadium-Armory station the woman said she felt unusual pressure on her thigh.

The woman says she then took the coat off her lleg and noticed the suspect had his hand on her inner thigh underneath.

The woman told police she confronted the suspect, exited the train at Stadium-Armory and immediately called police.

Police went to investigate but the suspect fare evaded on entry and exit to the Metrorail system.

MTPD ask anyone who has information or can identify the suspect is urged to call the MTPD Criminal Investigations Division at (301) 955-5000.