Man fires AR-15 rifle at woman who rammed vehicles on his Anne Arundel County property: police

Authorities say a man fired his AR-15 rifle at a woman who drove onto his property in Anne Arundel County and rammed several of his vehicles.

Police say it happened Saturday around 11 a.m. when 71-year-old Marlene Montes Terwilliger drover her car onto the man’s property in the 3300 block of Riva Road in Davidsonville and struck two parked vehicles.

The property owner, 42-year-old Hugh Christopher Haythorne, told police he used his rifle to fire several rounds at Terwilliger’s vehicle as she continued to crash into other vehicles on his property.

Officers say Terwilliger drove off and was involved in a hit-and-run crash near Solomons Island Road and Colony Crossing. Police were able to stop her and take her into custody and charged.

Investigators say three rounds from the AR-15 rifle struck the windshield of Terwilliger’s vehicle.

Police recovered the weapon before they arrested and charged Haythorne.

The investigation continues at this time.