Man charged with rape of 11-year-old girl in Woodbridge has lengthy criminal record

A man arrested for abducting and raping a girl on her way to school in Woodbridge Tuesday morning has a lengthy criminal history, court records show.

Dating back to 2012, Adam-Seth Walter was featured on a "wanted" poster in Manassas for a burglary. However, newly-obtained court records reveal this is not the first time he has been accused of sexually assaulting a young girl.

According to court documents, Walter was charged with aggravated sexual battery back in 2015. The victim, a then-12-year-old girl, told police she was walking to a Walmart when Walter came up behind her and grabbed her behind.

The victim and another witness later identified Walter during a photo lineup. The charges were later downgraded and Walter pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault and battery charge. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail.

The situation is very similar to what investigators say happened on Essex Drive in Woodbridge Tuesday morning. According to police, an 11-year-old girl was walking to school when Walter came up and grabbed her. He told the girl he had a gun, although police say they never found a weapon.

As Walter was taking the girl, a 34-year-old woman confronted him. That is when her family says Walter dragged the woman inside her home - attacked her and threatened to kill her.

Investigators say Walter took off down the street with the girl and raped her in the backyard of a home on Cumberland drive.

Evidence covered from the scene was later used to identify Walter, police say.

While searching the area, investigators say undercover officers spotted Walter and arrested him.

According to court documents, video from a nearby home captured Walter running away after the assault, showing him was wearing the same clothes seen in the video as when he was apprehended.

Walter is facing several charges, including aggravated sexual battery, rape, sodomy and abduction with the intent to defile. He is also facing robbery, burglary and other gun-related charges for implying that he had a gun and attacking the woman in her home.

The 26-year-old suspect was in court on Wednesday morning for his arraignment, but the case was postponed. Walter was appointed an attorney, with a trial date set for Dec. 12.