Local non-profit provides training for people with autism for jobs in the cybersecurity field

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Most of us know Melwood as the non-profit that provides people with differing abilities the resources needed to live a full and productive life.

But thanks to a pilot program called, 'abilIT,' Melwood is expanding that training to include preparing people with special needs for cybersecurity jobs as well.

The program involves a 15-week training process that helps people on the autism spectrum incorporate their strengths to take on cybersecurity positions. The work day includes learning how to write resumes, shake hands, introduce themselves even how to conduct elevator speeches.

Melwood hopes that with the support of the business and private community they can keep the 'abilIT' program going and give more and more people on the autism spectrum the opportunity to take part in the future.

Learn more about the programs online: Melwood | abilIT