LCPS students to face phone restriction under new policy

Some students in Loudoun County Public Schools will have to put down their phones under new rules being considered as part of an updated phone policy announced this week. 

The National Center for Education Statistics says more than three-quarters of schools, 76%, ban the use of phones during school hours. But in Loudoun, what they’re considering is a more layered approach - but one they think puts more trust in students as they get older.

Under the proposed policy announced this week, elementary students will not be allowed to use personal technology during the school day. Middle school students must keep their phones off, and high schoolers can have them but they must be silenced. Loudoun County Public School officials tell FOX 5 the goal of this is to get students to focus on school, and not their phones.

"There are still all those things that need to take place on an interpersonal level without the devices, so we’re really trying to strike a balance and make them available to students but also make sure that they are not interfering with other instructional aspects in the classroom," said LCPS representative Daniel Adams.