KKK fliers found in Northern Virginia neighborhood

The FBI is investigating after KKK recruitment materials were discovered in a Northern Virginia neighborhood.

Police say the flyers were located on Tuesday in Upperville and were similar to those found in a neighboring city earlier this month.

Police say a resident found four bags at the end of four different driveways along Trappe Road were found to contain Birdseed and KKK recruitment materials.

The area is rural with lots of farms. Residents describe it as calm and quiet.

"I haven't seen or heard anything, it's just a shame. Hopefully, it's not a big group, it's just a few people. I would say it doesn't really reflect anything that I've ever come into contact with," says Christy Jay, who works in Upperville.

"We work here and we're in and out of all the different stores and things like that. The interactions I've had with people has all been very good. I would recommend people to be from the area, but that kind of thing just has no place anywhere, really," she says.

Police say they are unaware of any race issues in this area.

FOX 5 has learned police found two more similar bags with the same material.

Police say the fliers found are similar to those found earlier this month in nearby Leesburg. But in that case, the material was stuffed in bags with candy.

Investigators say it's unclear when the bags and fliers were dispersed.