John Cena makes Savannah Bananas debut in Tampa Bay

The Savannah Bananas kicked off the 2024 season with a well-known champion! 16-time WWE Superstar John Cena make his debut in Bananaland with the Savannah Bananas in Tampa Bay. 

In the video, Cena makes his traditional entrance to his ‘My Time Is Now’ theme, reps a championship belt, then heads to the batter's box. 

However, during the at bat, Cena tried to duck the strike zone on on the Party Animal's pitcher, and the pitcher "saw" John Cena for the strikeout. 

Following the strikeout, Cena tried to race down the pitcher for some fisticuffs. However, he actually congratulated him for the strikeout. 

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The Savannah Bananas will be making a stop in Houston to Minute Maid Park on Saturday, March 9. Tickets for the event may be hard to find as the best you can do right now is join a waitlist. However, joining the waitlist doesn't guarantee you a chance at getting tickets for the 2024 season.