In The Know: Bra inspired by Michelle Obama, 'American Sniper'

The Hill 's Judy Kurtz stopped by for another installment of "In The Know." It's a mix of politics and Hill gossip and there were some really interesting topics she discussed with FOX 5's Shawn Yancy this week.

Bra inspired by Michelle Obama?!?!
A lingerie store in the nation's capital is selling a bra that is flying off store shelves! The intimate apparel was inspired by the First Lady's sense of elegance and fashion. How much is it going for? $146!

"American Sniper" drawing big crowds in DC, South
The movie has done quite well at the box office and has also generated controversy in Hollywood and Washington D.C. after Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore and actor Seth Rogen criticized the film for glorifying violence. But GOP lawmakers and pundits have fired back calling Navy SEAL Chris Kyle a hero.

Biden has tough time keeping an "appropriate look"
How hard is it for the Vice President to sit behind the President during the State of the Union speeches? Biden recently admitted it's tough to keep an "appropriate look" during President Barack Obama's SOTU address. But his wife is not giving him any sympathy as she told him, "Welcome to the Supportive Wife's Club."

President Obama stays at a Holiday Inn
You would expect one of the most powerful men in the world to stay at presidential suites while he is on the road, but recently in Lawrence, Kansas, he stayed at the affordable hotel chain. But it's not the first time he has done this. He stayed a Holiday Inn during a 2013 trip to Auburn, N.Y. and in 2010 for a visit to Bar Harbor, Maine.


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