'I froze like a statue': Man leaves server $1,000 tip on a to-go order

During these very uncertain times, people are still doing their part to spread a little kindness, and that kindness was recently shown to a server at a Scottsdale restaurant in a big way.

He received this very generous tip of $1,000 while working his shift at the Eggstasy in Scottsdale on Tuesday. He says this tip now relieves a lot of stress during a very uncertain time, the coronavirus pandemic.

Raymond Shepherd took a to-go order early Tuesday morning from a restaurant regular. When the man came in to pick up his food there was nothing out of the ordinary. 

"He kind of was like writing behind the bag ... honestly, he was trying to get out of here pretty quick," Shepherd said. What was out of the ordinary was the tip amount on the $70 dollar check. 

"I froze like a statue when I was walking," Shepherd said. "I picked up the check and I’m walking and I was just like ... I look at it and I was like how many zeros and I look up and he’s driving away and he looks at me for just a second ..."

The man signed the check with the name of his two daughters. Shepherd himself is a father of two girls.

He says he's never received a tip this big and with the possibility of losing his job due to coronavirus concerns he says this couldn't have come at a better time. "With my other job being closed this is perfect, perfect timing."

Shepherd is hoping to eventually let the man know how thankful he truly is. "First of all, I'd love to buy his breakfast, that is what I’ll be doing," he remarked.

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