House Speaker Paul Ryan's former Chief of Staff provides insight on Senate health care debate

As the Senate begins debate on the future of the Affordable Care Act, the process will slow down to a crawl as the body enters a phase of intense deliberation in crafting new legislation that may end up on President Donald Trump's desk or join other abandoned health care reform efforts in the trash heap of history.

While Tuesday's vote to proceed with debate (aided by a tiebreaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence) is undoubtedly a win for President Trump and the Senate GOP leadership, the procedure of politics will be on full display at a whirlwind pace.

For insight on the process, The Final 5's Jim Lokay spoke with David Hoppe of One Nation Health, a nonprofit coalition advocating for health care reform.

Hoppe, who once served as chief of staff to House Speaker Paul Ryan, laid out the framework for Republicans - and offered his prediction on whether Sen. John McCain's dramatic call for bipartisanship during a floor speech will actually come true.