Homophobic club documents found on Rockville middle school student's laptop

An investigation was conducted last week into an attempt to create a homophobic club at a Rockville middle school, according to a letter sent out by the principal.

Earle B. Wood Middle School principal Heidi L. Slatcoff sent a letter to families on Friday saying a teacher notified school administration about finding a presentation and Google form titled, "Homophobic Club Hub" on a student’s Chromebook.

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The school's investigation found that the documents were created two to four months ago and that the student shared the documents with at least two additional students prior to deleting them. No evidence was found that any other students participated in generating the documents, and no evidence that a club was formed. 

"This is clearly a hate/bias incident, and I must say that discrimination in any form cannot be tolerated. It impedes the ability of MCPS and our school to discharge its responsibilities to all students and staff, and achieve our community’s long-standing efforts to create, foster, and promote equity, inclusion, and acceptance for all," says Slatcoff.

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The letter says, "students who commit this unacceptable act will receive consequences as per MCPS Student Code of Conduct," but does not outline specific consequences for students in this instance.

Counselors will be going into classes this week to conduct lessons on topics of bias and discrimination.