Homeward Bound: NYC dog found hundreds of miles away in Charlotte

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A woman in Brooklyn, New York was devastated after her 2-year-old Pitbull "Choppa" disappeared from her back yard in September.

She told FOX 46 she had no idea what happened - her beloved dog just simply went missing.

Little did she know Choppa would be found six months later, hundreds of miles away in Charlotte.

CMPD Animal Control said they were called on March 16 for a stray dog spotted along Pine Mountain Road. Upon arrival, they found a male pitbull with no collar.

Authorities brought the pup back to their facility where he was checked for a microchip. They said the dog did indeed have one - and all his information popped up.

Animal Control officers called the available contact number which led back to New York City.

The homeowner was thrilled to hear Choppa was found. She said she had put a microchip in Choppa just weeks before he went missing.

Officials told FOX 46 because the homeowner cannot travel to Charlotte they've arranged for Choppa to be brought up to New York.

Carolina Babies Transport plans to take the dog up to New York this Saturday, and meet with the homeowner about one hour outside of the City.

Karen Owens and Shannon Harkey with CMPD Animal Control were the two "pet detectives" who made this wonderful reunion happen.

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