High-end bourbon drinkers weathering the cold for chance at bottle

A lot of people like high-end bourbon. But do they like high-end bourbon enough to spend a cold night outside?

That’s exactly what a lot of drinkers did throughout Virginia Friday, in anticipation of a limited supply of collectible bourbons being released inside Virginia ABC stores first thing Saturday morning.

"I’m a crazy person," deadpanned Steven Parnell, standing in line outside of a Falls Church ABC Friday night.

The bourbons go for between $50 and $150 at the ABC stores, however, they’d go for much more on the secondary market.


"I think about $1,100-ish would be the secondary price of this particular bottle," Parnell said of the George T. Stagg bourbon he hoped to take home, before adding, "but I’m going to drink it."

Virginia has sold high-end, hard-to-find alcohol before, but normally via an online lottery when the bourbons are in especially short supply.

"In this case, when we have a larger quantity, we’re able to distribute it to every store so that there is still that same fair and equitable chance for customers to get the product," explained Virginia ABC Director of Marketing and Merchandising John Shiffer.

This time around each store throughout the commonwealth will get at least 24 bottles. Each customer, like Parnell, has the chance to buy one.

"Might just grab a couple of my buddies and crack it open for a nice evening, have some good conversation," he said.

For more information about the Bourbon sale, you can click here.