Herndon community shaken by multiple construction blasts within weeks

Neighbors in one northern Virginia community were shaken when they heard an explosion outside their homes this morning, the second such blast in two weeks.

Herndon’s Point Rider Lane is a loop near a new development being built by Christopher Companies.

Last Tuesday, without warning, neighbors there felt a big explosion. Then, Friday morning, another explosion.

"We got no notification that blasting was going to be happening and, we’re pretty upset," said Kevin Anderson.

Anderson shared a video with FOX 5 of him working at a desk when the explosion happened, startling him.

"You can hear Dulles Airport from here. We’re used to loud noises, planes taking off, a lot of things happening. This was something completely different, it was an explosion, the whole house shook," Anderson said.

According to Fairfax County, Christopher Companies and its contractors did everything according to code.

Fairfax County has a code requirement of notifying people who live within 300 feet of the actual spot where a blast will occur.  The county says the contractors did just that and the process is closely monitored by the county, an official tells FOX 5.

Floris Lane is a cul de sac that has homes within 300 feet.  Neighbors there say they got notifications about the blast.

Neighbors on Floris Lane tell FOX 5 there was seismographic testing and other checks to ensure the homes would not be impacted by the blast.

Anderson tells FOX 5 he was worried about the structural integrity of his home and others, and was happy to hear the testing had been done on homes much closer to the blast site.

A representative from Christopher Companies tells FOX 5 Friday’s blast was the last they needed to do.