He was one of the first racing presidents at a Washington Nationals game. Now, he wants to run in the World Series.

Tim Krepp remembers the first time the Washington Nationals played in the District.

“That first game, I remember it. My daughter was tiny,” says Krepp. “It was so cold out my wife and I were fighting over who got to hold her because it kept us warm.”

Krepp was hooked.

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The next year, he started going to games again. It wasn’t until the middle of the season when he saw the first president’s race in between innings.

He called a friend who worked with the team and asked him how he could get into one of the suits, and the next game he was on the field as Teddy Roosevelt.

Krepp was loved.

He ended up raving about 25 more times. The team had him taking pictures and interacting with fans.

“It was a blast,” says Krepp.

 Now that the Nationals have clinched a World Series berth, Krepp wants another shot at the race.

You can watch the 2019 World Series on FOX beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 22.