Halal butcher receives warning over selling rabbit meat

DC Poultry Market in Alexandra recently received a complaint that said a video on their Facebook page showed live rabbits. 

At DC Poultry, live chickens are butchered according to Halal procedures. The business has a Special Use Permit to keep the live chickens and butcher on the property – but for poultry only. 

In since-deleted Facebook posts, videos and photos from the last few months allegedly showed rabbits in a cage. The manager of DC Poultry did admit to selling rabbit about three months ago, but said that they had not sold or possessed rabbits since. 

After a zoning inspector visited the property Tuesday and saw no live rabbits were being kept at that time, DC Poultry received a warning from the Alexandria Department of Planning and Zoning. 

"The storage of live animals shall be restricted to poultry. The sale of rabbits or anything other than fowl prohibited," reads the warning notice. 


City of Alexandria approves live poultry butcher shop

The Alexandria City Council will vote Tuesday evening on a request to open a live poultry butcher shop just west of Old Town.