Hains Point fatal crashes prompt calls for change

The National Park Service (NPS) plans to make road changes to Hains Point that they believe will create a safer environment for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. 

The decision to make the roadway safer arrives after a deadly crash that killed two people. 

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Right now, there are two lanes for traffic, but NPS officials are considering replacing the one vehicle travel lane on the one-way loop of Ohio Drive from the East Potomac Golf Center to Hains Point and back to Buckeye Drive into a new bicycle and pedestrian lane. 

Tour buses would no longer be allowed to drive in, but school buses will still be allowed entry. 

The proposed improvements according to their website aim to provide safe, dedicated space for bicyclists and pedestrians while maintaining vehicle access and parking.

NPS's Mike Litterest says they are all ears and look forward to receiving feedback regarding the changes. 


"Safety is a priority for the National Park Service in all of our sites and to the degree that we can look at our areas and make changes to make them safer for our visitors – that’s certainly something that’s a priority for us," he explained. 

NPS is accepting public comments on the roadway changes until May 19th.