Government workers watch spending, develop personal businesses to make ends meet

Federal workers on furlough are finding creative ways to cut costs and in some cases create income amid the longest government shut down in U.S. history.

Some are turning to money-saving life hacks to help save their money.

The strategy is different depending on who you ask, but for many federal workers on furlough, casual spending is on hold while the partial government shutdown continues.

Two families with federal workers on furlough. Two different techniques to tackle their lack of a paycheck during the partial government shutdown.

"Where I would go to the coffee shop daily, I actually purchased some instant coffee," said Wargaret Cain.

She says she has not been going out to eat.

"Doing meal preps to cut down on spending while I'm at work."

Cain is an essential federal government worker -- that means she must go to work, without pay.

"Instead of buying name brand, I'll buy the store brand, which is a little cheaper," she said.

"I have to minimize as much as I possibly can."

While Cain will get pay retroactively once lawmakers come to a resolution, Terry Williams, who is a federal government contract worker, will likely not receive back pay. He says he is focused on creating cash flow.

"I do have a company and we make natural skin care products called 'Shea butter like whoa,' so we've been able tio sustain by dealing more with our customers. We've been making more sales and we've been able to take that energy and our time that I spent at my government contracting position into our business and it's been doing well," he said.

No income is coming into his household, which include his fiance and niece, so what was once the family side business has become the primary income -- and he's says they're doing well.

"I'm actually considering not going back right now because of the growth of the company," he said.

"I see the benefit of me being able to put all of my time that I give to the federal government into my business and it's been paying dividends."

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