Gov. Larry Hogan: 'People of Maryland stand with Ukraine'

Governor Larry Hogan joined "Your World with Neil Cavuto" on Fox News Tuesday to discuss Maryland’s actions in support of Ukraine. 

Over the weekend, the governor directed the Secretary of State to terminate Maryland’s sister-state relationship with the Leningrad Region of Russia, which was first established in 1993. 

The governor has also directed state agencies to review any and all contracts procurements, and holdings that may have ties to Russian entities.

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"The State of Maryland had a 30-some-year relationship and a sister-state relationship with Leningrad, which we terminated over the weekend. We also ordered all state agencies and our pension system to make sure that they did not invest and that they divested in any Russian companies or investments that they had," Hogan told FOX News. "We thought it was important to send a clear message that the people of Maryland, the people of America, are standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and against Putin and Russia’s aggression."

On Friday evening, the Government House in Annapolis was lit blue and yellow in solidarity with Ukraine. And on Monday, Gov. Hogan attended a special prayer service at St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church in Baltimore City. 

Elsewhere in his interview with FOX News, Hogan spoke candidly about Russian President Vladimir Putin. "One thing that Putin has done is he’s united NATO and the EU, and I think the people around the world," Hogan said. "[Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky has shown incredible courage, and it’s just been inspiring. I think the world leaders and the companies that we’re talking about are not going to be forgetting about this anytime soon and going right back to business as usual with Russia."

Watch the full interview below: