Goodell talks Commanders sale, investigation and stadium at NFL owner's meeting

The National Football League’s spring meeting in Minnesota has now wrapped up, and while neither Dan nor Tanya Snyder was in attendance, their team – and its potential sale – still came up a lot.

At a press conference Tuesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that while details of the sale still need to be worked out, he thinks it will ultimately be approved.


Goodell also commented on the status of the Mary Jo White investigation looking into Snyder and the team.

"She’s being incredibly thorough," Goodell said of White. "When she’s concluded the investigation, she’ll let me know."

And maybe Goodell’s most interesting response came when he was asked about a new stadium for the Commanders and whether it should be located in the District.

"I’ve had a conversation with the mayor. I’ve had conversations with others in the Washington, D.C. region," Goodell explained. "As you probably know, I grew up in Washington, D.C. going over to RFK stadium. So, I understand the passion of the fans in Washington. I think that’s something that the ownership is going to have to address."


Commanders deal done: Snyders agree to sell team to Josh Harris-led group

The deal is done! Dan and Tanya Snyder, the Washington Commanders co-owners, have reached an agreement to sell the franchise to a group led by Chevy Chase native Josh Harris.

A.J. Perez, a senior reporter for Front Office Sports, attended the meetings in person. He told FOX 5 he believes there are two main reasons the Commanders deal is taking more time to approve than some had expected. The first is the sheer size of the deal, with the team expected to sell for more than $6 billion. And the second reason, Perez said, is that it’ll take a good chunk of time to vet all the partners in potential new owner Josh Harris’ group.

"The sources I talked to during these meetings expect a special meeting to be called late July to the middle of August," Perez said. "So, we’re still on track for the transfer of the team before the start of the season."