Good Samaritan delivers lost wallet to Union City home

A Union City man who had lost his wallet while shopping assumed it was gone forever--until he opened his front door the next morning to find his wallet on the doorstep with a note attached.

The note said that the person had found Matthew Smith's wallet in the parking lot, but couldn't call him because there was no telephone number inside. So, they dropped the wallet on his front doorstep.

Smith told FOX 5 his wallet contained his credit cards and that he had been losing sleep over fears the wrong person would find it. But when he opened his wallet, he was pleasantly surprised.

"This has restored my faith in good people," Smith said. "I would like to thank whoever found my wallet with everything intact."

The Good Samaritan didn't leave their name or number, but Smith said he would like to tell them thank you and "God bless."