Glendale police officers return woman's stolen money

The Glendale Police Department went above and beyond for a Valley woman after she mistakenly left money on a counter at Walgreens that was eventually stolen.

Glendale police say the 60-year-old woman accidentally left $160 in an envelope on the counter of a Valley Walgreens last week. The woman withdrew the money to pay her electric and phone bills, and when she realized she had left the money at the store, the money had been stolen.

The woman works two jobs to support herself, including working at an elementary school.

After filing out a police report, Officer Bill Downey asked other officers to donate to recoup the woman's money, and in total, Glendale police officers raised $1,000!

Police say surveillance video at the Walgreens shows a suspect buying beer and leaving the store with the woman's money. Police say they have identified the suspect.

As of Thursday afternoon, the suspect has been arrested.

Way to go, Glendale Police Department!