‘Give it a shake, shake, shake’: Grandma shares ‘quarantini’ recipe on TikTok and it’s precious

With most people stuck in their homes while social distancing, one way to pass the time is taking up mixology.

A spike in alcohol sales could lead some of us to scour the internet for new recipes to mix up the traditional vodka soda. That’s where Nana comes in.

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Look no further for someone who can show you how to make one mean “quarantini” — Nana has you covered.

Joseph Curci recorded his grandmother on April 16 making the mixed concoction with step-by-step instructions.

She starts off with sanitizing her hands (as you should; not just during a pandemic) and then proceeds to add ice to her shaker which is followed by vanilla vodka, orange vodka, Chambord raspberry liqueur and orange juice.

“Give it a shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake,” according to Nana.

Nana moved in with Curci amid the pandemic, he said. He started making videos with his grandma after his uncle Fred died of pancreatic cancer on April 4.

It’s been a way to cheer her up and to bring the family “some joy during a very difficult time,” Curci said.

The video has garnered over a thousand views on TikTok and has even made its way onto John Krasinski’s newest show, “Some Good News.”

Actor Stanley Tucci recreated the recipe, calling it “delicious”.

Curci continues to post videos of Nana and other family members to his TikTok account.

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